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Stand-Up Rider Electric Lift Trucks

Size Class:
3,000 - 3,999 lbs 3,000 - 3,999 lbs

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Manufacturer Model
Caterpillar ES3000
Caterpillar ES3500
Clark ESM II 15
Clark ESM II 15S
Clark ESM II 17
Clark ESX15
Clark ESX15S
Clark ESX17
Crown RC 5510/15-30
Crown RC 5520/25-30
Crown RC 5530/35-30
Crown RC 5530/35-35
Hyster E30HSD
Hyster E35HSD
Komatsu FS15S-1
Komatsu FS15SH-1
Komatsu FS17SH-1
Komatsu FS18S-1
Komatsu FS18SH-1
Komatsu FS19SH-1
Mitsubishi FBC15NS
Mitsubishi FBC18NS
Nissan SCX30N 3-WHEEL
Nissan SCX30SN 3-WHEEL
Nissan SCX35N 3-WHEEL
Raymond 4100-C30
Raymond 4100-C35
Raymond 4200-C30
Raymond 4200-C35
Raymond DSS300 (disc. 2007)
Raymond DSS350 (disc. 2007)
Raymond R30-C30TT (disc. 2007)
Raymond R30-C35TT (disc. 2007)
Schaeff ECHO 3000
Schaeff ECHO 3500
Schaeff W30
Schaeff W33
Schaeff W35
Schaeff W38
Toyota 7BNCU15
Toyota 7BNCU18
Tusk 300SB-1
Tusk 300SBH-1
Tusk 330SBH-1
Tusk 350SB-1
Tusk 350SBH-1
Tusk 380SBH-1
Yale ESC030AB
Yale ESC030FA
Yale ESC035FA
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