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Fleet Manager

Integrated Tools for Equipment Management

Fleet Manager integrates our line of EquipmentWatch products in a single platform, allowing you to efficiently manage your fleet from anywhere. Powerful tools allow you to update entire fleets with up-to-the-minute market values and rates, perform life-cycle analysis, calculate reimbursement and manage and estimate projects. Easily generate detailed reports to save, share or export your fleet data in multiple formats. Designed to save you time and money, Fleet Manager makes it easy to track the cost and value of your equipment all in one place.
Benefits and Features
Industry-standard rates used by specified by federal and state agencies for over 4 decades, EquipmentWatch provides detailed ownership & operating costs on more than 15,000 pieces of heavy equipment, giving you the broadest range of equipment cost data available anywhere.

Build and save fleets of any size by equipment type, location, job, or other criteria, so you only have to look up each piece one time.

Make and save adjustments for virtually every cost or value to each fleet or individual pieces of machinery at any time to your specific requirements and experience.

Create Custom & Composite Equipment in fleets that allows your own rates and values to be saved as "custom" equipment for virtually anything, and build "composite" equipment from many individual pieces of equipment into a single defined piece of equipment that combines costs or values into a single total.

Protect Fleets with Passwords so that other users can view fleet equipment or inventory data and reports, but not edit, delete, or move equipment in inventory or fleets without a password.

Share and Upload Fleets by sending or receiving emails to or from other Fleet Manager subscribers that allows entire fleets to be uploaded from another users fleet files, saving time from having to duplicate fleets by manual entry.

Export or print reports on a single machine or an entire fleet. Take advantage of manipulating our data in powerful spreadsheets, and keep hardcopies of fleet data for backup in construction projects or for tax purposes.

Input machine hours worked in the Usage Reports and calculate the total cost for an entire fleet to compare equipment cost to equipment value to pinpoint when to sell a machine.

Have the ability to automatically update entire fleets with newly published rates, or retain existing costs and rate data for historical needs, or both.
Only pay for the data you need. Choose the right Fleet Manager option for you!
Fleet Manager Executive Combo
$ 5,500
Fleet Manager Green Guide Construction
$ 2,200
Fleet Manager Green Guide Lift Trucks
$ 2,200
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Fleet Manager
Green Guide:
Lift Trucks
Fleet Manager
Green Guide:
Fleet Management Features      
Fleet Building and Management Included Included Included
Equipment Inventory Management Included Included Included
Bundled Savings: $4750 $225 $925
Ownership and Operating Costs      
RRBB, Vol 1-4 Included    
Custom Cost Evaluator Included    
Equipment Values      
Green Guide, Construction Included   Included
Green Guide, Lift Trucks Included Included  
Serial Number Verification      
Serial Number Guide, Construction Included   Included
Serial Number Guide, Lift Trucks Included Included  
Auction Results and Intelligence      
Last Bid Included Included Included
Equipment Rental Rates      
AED Green Book Included    
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